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Скачать бесплатно торрент файл Древняя Китайская Музыка / Chinese Ancient Music [08 CD] (2003) APE

27-05-2013, 16:28
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Древняя Китайская Музыка / Chinese Ancient Music [08 CD] (2003) APE
Название: Древняя Китайская Музыка / Chinese Ancient Music

Год: 2003
Жанр: Традиционная музыка
Страна: Китай

Продолжительность: 07:28:25
Тип рипа: image+.cue
Формат/Кодек: APE
Битрейт аудио: lossless

Список альбомов:

Vol.1 Picture of Primitive Hunting

01 Chu Shang [Chime bells from Marquis Yi's tomb and orchestra]
02 Clouds
03 For those fallen for their country [Xun and Qin]
04 Gods and men rejoice [Chime bells]
05 A grieved life in Changmen spirit [Xun and Qin-zither]
06 Chu song [Xun and orchestra]
07 Mount spirit [orchestra]
08 Wine frolic [Qin solo]
09 Guangling tune [Qin solo]
10 Picture of primitive hunting [Bone-Whistle and orchestra]

Vol. 2 High Mountains and Flowing Water
01 Running waters [Bianqing]
02 High mountains flowing water [Zheng]
03 Running waters [Qin]
04 Offering sacrifices [Orchestra]
05 Calling back the spirit of the dead [Pan-pipes]
06 The silent moon mirrored in the fish pond [Se]
07 The elegant orchid in jieshi tune [Qin & Chime bells]
08 Three variations on the plum [Qin song]
09 Dragon Baot [Pipa solo]
10 Gufengcao [Qin]
11 The peacocks fly to the southeast [Guanzi]

Vol.3, Dance Music of Imperial Palace
01 Mooring at nigt on the Qiu River [Xiao]
02 Flowers & jade trees at back countyard [Song]
03 Li Sao [Qin solo]
04 Prelude of dance music of imperial palace [Ensemble]
05 Three variations at Yangguan pass [Qin solo]
06 Three Tang melodies: Yipinnong/Xijiangyue/Changshanvyin [Xun & Orchestra]
07 Fisherman's song at dusk [Zheng solo]
08 Birds singing in spring [Ensemble]
09 Vast desert [Bili & Orchestra]
10 Battle music for king Qin's army [Chime bells & Chorus]

Vol.4, Shadows of Apricot Bloossoms
01 Shadows of apricot blossoms [Song with title of Ci-tune]
02 Xiaoxiang's waters & clouds [Qin solo]
03 Love for the red dress [Ensemble]
04 Plums by the Ge River [Ensemble]
05 Short drinking music in Shang Mode [Song with title of Ci-tune]
06 Delicate fragrance [Ensemble]
07 Song of Yangzhou in andante [Song with title of Ci-tune]
08 Jade plum blossoms [Ensemble]
09 Scattered shadows [Ensemble]
10 Oriole singing [Qin/Xiao/Pipa]
11 Jiao shao [Ensemble]
12 Ritual songs for Yue: Chu-tune on Emporer Shun [Song with title of Ci-tune]
13 The immortal of stone lake [Ensemble]
14 Floating across waters [Ensemble]
15 Ancient lament [Ensemble]

Vol.5, Autumn Meditation at Dongting Lake
01 Autumn meditation at Dongting Lake [Qin/Xiao/Erhu]
02 Remembering an old friend [Qin & Orchestra]
03 The spring snow [Pipa solo]
04 Chao Yuan Song [Qin/Xiao/Pipa]
05 Crow croaking at night [Qin solo]
06 Vulture catches swan [Pipa solo]
07 Dressing table [Xiao & Orchestra]
08 Recalling the past at Tongguan pass [Scattered tune of Yuan]
09 Ancient music of the Naxi Nationality-Suite of Baisha Xiyue [Ensemble of Chinese musical

Vol.6, Wild Goose on the Peaceful Beach
01 Lyrics on autumn wind [Double-Pipe solo]
02 Wild goose on the peaceful beach [Qin solo]
03 Qinglian's collected songs [Pipa solo]
04 Sunny spring [Qin solo]
05 Walking on the street [Silk & bamboo ensemble]
06 The Yinhua mountain [traditional]
07 Deep night [Jinghu & Orchestra]
08 Tune of happy evening [Qin solo]
09 Fallen petals scattered on green meadow [Pipa solo]
10 Dragon chanting in the vast sea [Ensemble]

Vol.7, Wang Zhaojun
01 Wang Zhaojun [Sheng & Orchestra]
02 Qu Yuan asking way at the ferry crossing [Chime bells from Marquis Yi's tomb & Orchestra]
03 Conqueror Xiang Yu's triumphant return [Pipa solo]
04 Beats on the Hujia [Qin song]
05 Su Wu tending sheep [Erhu]
06 The injustice done to Dou E [Qin/Xiao/Pipa]
07 Lady Wenji return to Han dynasty [Zheng]
08 Listening to the soughing winds in the pines [Erhu]

Vol.8, Remembering of the Xiao on the Phoenix Platform
01 Yearn for love [Pipa solo]
02 Concubines Xiang sorrow [Qin solo]
03 An autumn moon shines on the Han Palace [Pipa solo]
04 Green pavilion chant [Song with title of Ci-tune]
05 Noisy birds [Ancient tune]
06 Song of the Western Chamber [Zheng]
07 Lighttower
08 Autumn night [Qin/Xiao/Erhu]
09 The grievance of Zhaojun [Zheng]
10 The moon rises [Zheng]
11 Remembering of the Xiao on the Phoenix Platform [Qin song]

Рейтинг: 4.7/5 | Оценок: 9
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