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Скачать бесплатно торрент файл Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition [Update 3] (2014) PC | Патч

12-12-2014, 17:49
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Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition [Update 3] (2014) PC | Патч
Игра: Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition
Тип обновления: Официальное
Версия обновления: Update 3 (v 1.07)
Требуемая версия игры: Любая
Защита: Steam
Таблетка: Присутствует (ConsPiracY)


1. Запустить setup.exe из папки Update и установить обновление, в папку с игрой
2. Скопировать содержимое папки Crack в папку с игрой, с заменой
3. Играть

Update 3 (v 1.07)

• Minor fix to online play should be more stable with less lag.
• Added patch update from vita to console versions.
• All dlc costumes from vita version now useable on console.
• Fixed background glitches causing the system to crash.
• Readded the ability to cancel dash with block.
• Added armor to certain moves. (see character list below)
• Slight tweaks made to the game engine.
• You can now config your buttons at the character select screen and in the middle of a match.
• Normalized some damage output for some of the characters.
• Added unreleased 2nd season pass info. New characters are Shinnok, Fujin, Tremor & Jason Voorhees.
• Added new dlc costumes to the characters. (see character list below)
• Made many minor hitbox adjustments.
• Added (Only a Real Master) difficulty to the game.
• Removed all 100% combos in tag mode.

• Baraka's Blade Spin pops opponent in the air to allow combos.
• Baraka's Fireball now hits mid.
• Baraka’s D1 is now 6 frames.

Cyber Subzero
• Cyber Subzero Cyber Slide now has armor.
• Cyber Subzero Ice Bombs now launch opponent in the air.
• Cyber Subzero Name has been changed to Hydro to remove confusion as to who the character really is.

• Cyrax's Buzzsaw Bomb reset has been put back into the game.
• Cyrax's Reset combos have been scaled dramatically down to normalized levels.

• Ermac's Fireball now has armor.
• Ermac's Force Lift can now be done from full screen.
• Ermac's Force Push no longer works when opponent is in the air.

Freddy Krueger
• Freddy Now is back to prepatch damage output.
• Freddy Has a special intro when facing Jason Voorhees

• Jade’s Damage output has been buffed dramatically.
• Jade's Eclipse Kick now has armor.

• Jax's Now has MK2 Costume
• Jax's Corner Reset has been scaled down to normalized levels.
• Jax can no longer dash cancel Ground Pound.

Johnny Cage
• Johnny Cage's Frame Traps have been removed F33 is now -21 on block.
• Johnny Cage's Eclipse Kick now has armor.

• Kabal's Nomad Dash can no longer be canceled with block.
• Kabal's Gas Blast can no longer be done in the air.

• Kano's Kano Ball now has armor
• Kano’s Knife Toss is back to the same speed before it was patched.

• Kenshi’s Spirt Charge, Rising Karma, Telekinetic Slash & Tele-flurry are no longer phyisical attackes. Freddy & Smoke can now teleport in with out being hit.
• Kenshi's Blind Fold has been removed so he can now see.
• Kenshi Added alt costume from vita version.

• Kitana's Square Wave now has armor.
• Kitana's Damaged output has been reduced to normalized levels.

• Kratos is now included in the PC & Xbox version.

Kung Lao
• Kung Lao's Teleport 3 can now be ducked by the entire roster.
• Kung Lao's Ground Hat is now +15 on block.
• Kung Lao's Spin hitbox size has been reduced make it easier to jump over him.
• Kung Lao Has a special intro when facing Fujin.

Liu Kang
• Lui Kang Now has Zombie costume.
• Lui Kang's Fireball can no longer be done in the air.

• Mileena's Smashing Roll now has armor.
• Mileena's Tricky Teleport can now be punished by the entire cast.
• Mileena Moves are scaled down to normaized levels.

• Nightwolf's Reflect it now can reflect all of kenshi's moves.

• Noob's Teleport Slam can now be used as a otg.
• Noob's Ghost Ball makes opponent walk forward when hit.
• Noob Can now transform into Classic Sub Zero by holding B+1+2+BL+FS at the character select screen.

Quan Chi
• Quan Chi's Rune Trap has been removed.
• Quan Chi's Ground Blast can now be blocked.
• Quan Chi has a special intro when facing Shinnok.

• Raiden's Teleport is now 0 frames on startup and 0 frames of recovery.

• Rain's Damage scaling has been increased by 5%
• Rain's Super Kick can no longer be delayed or cancelled.
• Rain Now has UMK3 costume from vita.

• Reptile's Elbow Dash is now -32 on block.
• Reptile Now has Cyber Reptile costume.

• Scorpion's Teleport on hit now does a hard knock down.
• Scorpion's Vortex has been removed.

• Sektor's Homing Missle has been changed to 3 missles that come out instead of 1.
• Sektor's Teleport Uppercut now has armor.

Shang Tsung
• Shang Tsung Can now morph into any character in the game like he was intended to.

• Sheeva's Jump Stomp move has now been changed to Homing Stomp.
• Sheeva's Damage output has been buffed by 10%.
• Sheeva Now has 4 legs to match the 4 arms she has.

• Sindel's Levitate now only last 3 seconds.
• Sindel’s Damage output has been buffed to normalized levels.

• Skarlet's Dagger Toss damage now does 9%.
• Skarlet's Blood Ball no longer takes damage from your self.
• Skarlet Now has alt costume from vita.
• Skarlet Now has Cyber Skarlet costume from vita.

• Smoke's Smoke Cloud reset has been removed from the game.
• Smoke's Air Throw can now be used as a otg again with Smoke Cloud.
• Smoke's Smoke Port now has armor.

• Sonya's Military Stance can no longer be canceled.
• Sonya's Kartwheel is now -25 on block.

• Stryker's Baton Roll has been changed to MK3 Baton Dash.

Sub Zero
• Sub Zero's Ice Puddle start up frames increased. Can now be used in a combo.
• Sub Zero's Ice Statue now has armor.

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